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What’s up Doc?

Do I have to see a doctor of my employer’s choice? Simply put, NO…

Far too often I hear from injured workers that they have been told to visit the workplace doctor, and then the employer sits in with the worker.

The worst I have heard is directives being given by the employer to the practitioner to change the employee being given time off and then being put on light duties instead. Amazing how a supervisor or manager knows what medical treatment is best for the employee.

All too often, injured workers feel pressured to consult with the employer’s in-house doctor or a doctor of the employer’s choice. But the worker has a fundamental right to seek treatment from their own doctor and/or specialist.

“It is wrong and improper for an employer to choose the doctor that the injured worker receives initial and ongoing treatment from.”

Workers compensation laws allow an injured worker to be treated by whoever they want – the employer should simply butt out of this decision!

If you are injured at work you have the right to:

Visit your own doctor for treatment. The first visit is the most important one in deciding your claim. Do not be pressured into going to a doctor suggested by the employer for treatment.
Time off to recover from your injury as long as it follows the WorkCover certificate provided by your doctor.
Payment of reasonable medical and like expenses eg: doctor, physio, X-rays, etc.
Rehabilitation services and retraining that will help you get back to a safe job.
In most cases: a copy of any report related to your WorkCover claim so you can check that the information about you is accurate.
You have the right to refuse:

To see the company doctor for treatment as only your treating doctor (IE your own doctor) can treat you. However, you may be required to go to see the company doctor (but not for treatment) to be escorted to the doctor by your employer or to have the employer or the employer’s representative attend the visit with your doctor.

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