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Don’t get caught out with a claims farmer

This practice has been going on for a long time. Even my mother was called after she had a minor bingle in a car park, they harassed her for days trying to get her to make a CTP claim. I have seen dozens of clients who were harassed by claims farmers. Even a close friend who is a personal injury solicitor was harassed by them.

The telemarketers try and convince you to make a CTP claim even if you are not injured in a motor vehicle accident claim.

The clients I see always asked how did they know about the incident? Every incident was unique, not sharing the same insurance company, medical practitioners, tow truck drivers, rental car operators or having the incident reported to the police. I am still not sure how the claim farmers get the information.

The danger is they give misleading information and even illegal and dishonest advice. More than half a dozen clients said they were told how much money they would get, to make up psychological injuries and how much money the lawyers would take.

Don’t take the risk, ring a qualified personal injury lawyer if you have sustained an injury on the road.

Contact us if you want more information as to your rights in a CTP claims.

Even the biggest get caught out:

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