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Don’t get caught out with a claims farmer

This practice has been going on for a long time. Even my mother was called after she had a minor bingle in a car park, they harassed her for days trying to get her to make a CTP claim. I have seen dozens of clients who were harassed by claims farmers. Even a close friend…
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Nurses and Aged Care Workers – are you being looked after?

Nurses and Aged Care Workers – are you being looked after? Over the past 15 years I have seen injured people who been employed in all forms of industry and trade. One type of worker however seems to come up more than others – Aged Care Nurses and Nurses in general. If you are injured…
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Compensation Payouts – The Why and How!!!

Every now and then you will hear in the media of substantial payouts for personal injury claims. Many settlement figures are confidential, however when they go to court, usually the results are released in the media. Here are some examples of payouts from Law Firms I have dealt with. Then I will explain why they…
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What’s up Doc?

Do I have to see a doctor of my employer’s choice? Simply put, NO… Far too often I hear from injured workers that they have been told to visit the workplace doctor, and then the employer sits in with the worker. The worst I have heard is directives being given by the employer to the…
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