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Nurses and Aged Care Workers – are you being looked after?

Nurses and Aged Care Workers – are you being looked after?

Over the past 15 years I have seen injured people who been employed in all forms of industry and trade. One type of worker however seems to come up more than others – Aged Care Nurses and Nurses in general.

If you are injured at work Know Your Rights – Protect Your Future!

Aged care workers are at a high risk of injury from performing manual handling tasks such as transferring or moving residents. For an example of statistics in 2012, more than three-quarters of aged care facilities reported a work-related injury or illness in the previous three months. The statistics are roughly the same for 2017.

The impact of physically demanding work on the retention of aged care staff, particularly older women, was also highlighted by a recent study conducted by Curtin University. Sprains and strains caused by activities such as lifting, pushing, pulling and bending are by far the greatest contributor to the overall injuries suffered by aged care workers.

Many of these injuries sustained could have been avoided and the injuries sustained may be life long.

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