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  • Clients Sign-Up
    We provide the face to face contact with your prospective client after hours and at their home. We put them at ease and fully explain…
  • Legal Services & Settlements
    QLD Settlement and Legal Services Settlements, Stamping, Lodging & Court Filing. We have a team of experienced staff, with a thorough understanding of the business…
  • Client Statements
    Memorandums & Statements Catering to the individual law firms requests, Concise Reporting Agents will perform all memorandum and statement taking requirements. All clients are booked…
  • Clients Transportation
    We have assisted in taking clients to IME appointments, settlement conferences and to where ever is needed. We have accompanied severely disabled clients from Bundaberg…

founded in 2002, our agency has serviced over 7000 clients

Over the past 15 years we have recognized the clients wants of specialised attention to their specific situation when coming to choosen their legal representation. Having seen over 7000 clients, at clients home, after hours and on the weekend, it is empathetic approach and though document explanation which leads to the clients feeling relaxed about their situation and confident to signing up with the firm which we represent.

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Rehabilitation Services
Rehabilitation is very important part after any serious injury has been sustained.


Home And After Hours
15 years of experience has proven to us that clients prefer home visits and at their convenience, day or night


Union Representation
Workplace situations regarding safety and security can be helped with the right union representative


Youth Workers
We are excited to be working with a highly experienced youth worker and social worker


Memorandums & Interviews
Quantum and Liability Statements, NoAC's, AIF's and NOC forms as well and much more.