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Michael Kemp - Kemp Law (formerly Rostron Carlyle Solicitors)

As a partner at Rostron Carlyle Solicitors, I have used their services for around 5 years, and found their report writing and investigative services to be effective and reliable. Concise Reporting are utilized regularly by my staff and I, and they have proven most valuable in obtaining detailed quantum and liability information as part of our case work.

Their services have assisted us greatly in achieving more effective and timely settlements. Concise will often assist us with witness location and statement work also in the greater Brisbane region. I find their friendly approach to our clients and industry knowledge most valuable, especially in delicate matters, and their retrieval time and costs most competitive.

I happily recommend Concise Reporting to any firm that requires accurate and effective results from services such as theirs. I do wish them the best.

Michael Kemp, Director