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We provide the face to face contact with your prospective client after hours and at their home. We put them at ease and fully explain processes and paperwork to them and answer all questions they have. We do not give legal advice and we never give the client expectations of what there estimated payout will be. Honesty in our approach is why we sign over 95% of the clients we see.

Another important aspect is showing empathy and giving them a sense of comfort to deal law firm & lawyers. We increase the efficiency of the law firm by doing all the leg work for you allowing the firm to open more files as lawyers and paralegals do not have to chase up missing information or leave the office. There is an increased sense of security between the client and the firm as complex legal jargon can be put in plain English for the client.

There have been dozens and dozens of occasions where I have seen the competitors law firms paperwork sitting on the table I am at with the client. They said it was just to hard to read through and no one explained anything to them, just a bunch of paperwork with stickers saying to 'sign here'. We are proficient in understanding all the client agreements we have dealt with and put it in terms the prospective client can understand. We have also assisted in making changes to firms outdated client agreements and keeping them compliant.

I have dealt with several lawyers who do not even know everything that was in their paperwork they sent out.

These reasons are why some of Queensland’s Biggest Law Firms use or services. We have done over 7000 statements and investigations for these firms

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