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Client Statements

Memorandums & Statements

Catering to the individual law firms requests, Concise Reporting Agents will perform all memorandum and statement taking requirements.

All clients are booked in within 24 hours of us being contacted and reports are delivered within 48 hours after seeing client. Copies of files are uploaded digitally to our secure server for the lawyers to download files.

Our comprehensive, accurate and informative reports, memorandums and witness materials, care used in supporting the plaintiffs' account of the event. The provision of this evidence is obtained through Concise Reporting interview techniques and has proven essential to a wide variety of claims.

  • Report of traffic incidents
  • Statements
  • Memorandums
  • Letters
  • Police Forms
  • NoAC's
  • AIF's
  • NOC
  • Client ID Scan & verification
  • Mobile scanning of forms, Medical etc


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