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Public Place Injuries

Public Place Injuries

If you suffer injury in a public place which is cause by the fault of another person, you may make a claim against that person for damages for your injury.

Assuming such injury is not caused by a motor vehicle or by negligence of your employer, your claim will be made against the person who caused the injury – most likely the owner or operator of the premises in which you are injured. Most companies hold public liability insurance which indemnifies them in respect of such claims.

Such claims are governed by the Civil Liability Act and the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act.

A notice of claim must be sent pursuant to the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act within one month of consultation with your lawyer or nine months from the date of the injury (whichever date is first).

From that date, the insurer has six months within which to respond to the claim. They will either accept or deny liability.

To succeed in such a claim you must establish that the person against whom you make the claim is at fault in causing your injury. You will not recover any compensation without being able to prove fault.

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