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Medical Negligence


If you suffer injury as a result of inadequate treatment by a medical practitioner or hospital, you may have a claim for damages for your injury.

There are special rules governing the right to make such claim pursuant to the Civil Liability Act. These provide that:

  • A doctor does not breach a duty arising from treatment if the doctor acted in a way that (at the time the service was provided) was widely accepted by peer professional opinion or by a significant number of respected doctors as a competent professional practice.
  • A doctor does not breach a duty owed to a patient to warn of risk, before the patient undergoes any medical treatment that will involve a risk of personal injury to the patient, unless the doctor at that time fails to give to the patient the following information about the risk:
  • information that a reasonable person in the patient’s position would, in the circumstances, require to enable the person to make a reasonably informed decision about whether to undergo the treatment or follow the advice;
  • information that the doctor ought reasonably to know the patient wants to be given before making the decision about whether to undergo the treatment or follow the advice.

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